Water Damage

Because it’s not a question of IF but WHEN

At STRATTON Restoration we can handle any disaster, any size, and at any time. We have innovative systems for handling all sorts of issues. Below are a few of the more common disasters.


The Dry-Out is one of the most important and critical stages of the flood recovery process and yet it is one of the least understood. At STRATTON Restoration we take a proactive approach to each restoration. Utilizing some of the most advanced instrumentation, we are able to quickly determine what contains moisture and the best, least intrusive, and fastest way to restore your property back to normal conditions. You would be surprised what we can restore.

It is critical that the mitigation process is started immediately, and handled properly or your disaster can go from bad to worse.

Finding the Moisture

We will quickly determine what is wet, how wet it is, and the atmospheric conditions of the effected areas, inside and out..


We utilize the fastest, best drying equipment and procedures to quickly mitigate damages.


We closely monitor your restoration daily to evaluate progress and make key adjustments.


We use customized software to track time lines to ensure that schedules are met, that budgets are kept, and provide seamless documentation for hassle free settlements.

We understand how the outside air conditions can effect how the inside will dry. By utilizing years of experience, advanced training techniques, and advanced technology, we are able to get you back faster, are more thorough, and less destructive than our competition.

24/7 365
Because Stratton Restoration, is a Property Restoration and a True Full Service Restoration Firm, we offer the following services managed and performed by trained and skilled professionals. All of our valued employees are certified in Fire, Water and Mold Damage.