Fire Damage

The restoration process is done with recovery as top priority.

At STRATTON Restoration we know that many of your possessions are irreplaceable. We immediately begin the recovery process to save as many of your items as possible. After a fire restoring your possessions primarily consists of Cleaning and Deodorizing. You would be surprised what we can restore.


We begin the cleaning and deodorizing process the moment we use our CASE system. Once packed into our containers, the ODOROX system begins to kill odors, mold, and bacteria.


Once your possessions arrive at our cleaning lab we begin cleaning before odors can lock into the items. Cleaning is done using specially formulated detergents, deionized water washing basin, and, when needed, FIRELINE ultrasonic military grade cleaning equipment.


Back into a clean safe and secure CASE container. ODOROX system continues to work to prevent further odors, mold, and bacteria.

We have over 50 years of experience in the mitigation and remediation process and continue to stay up-to-date of new technology. Our continuing education classes are well attended by people in the industry keeping them informed of important industry changes. Our highly trained mitigation and remediation experts will assist you to conclusion.

Safe and Secure

Assuring security from theft, lost items, and vandalism. Each CASE is dedicated to your property only.

Onsite or Offsite Storage

Your CASE can be stored in our climate controlled warehouse or onsite for easy access to your property.

Reduced Temp Fluctuation

Insulated and reflective paint coated CASE systems reduce damage caused by hot/cold fluctuations.

Restoration Begins in CASE

Your property restoration begins in CASE. The ODOROX system goes to work immediately to kill odor, mold, and bacteria.

24/7 365
Because Stratton Restoration, is a Property Restoration and a True Full Service Restoration Firm, we offer the following services managed and performed by trained and skilled professionals. All of our valued employees are certified in Fire, Water and Mold Damage.